Lab news-SWAP meeting

Members of our lab attended the 49th annual meeting of the Southwestern Association of Parasitologists (SWAP) held on April 14 – 16 at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station (UOBS) located on Lake Texoma at Kingston, Oklahoma.

The meeting consisted of two sections, oral presentations and poster session. On the morning of April 15th, Dr. Zhu gave an oral presentation about our lab’s project on gene discovery of Quial cecal worm by a small-scale genome sequence survey (GSS) and molecular detection. Rachel Hoyle, our current program aid, presented her project on microsporidia detection in threatened salamanders. In the afternoon, Mary Xue Yu presented her project on single cell cloning in selecting Cryptosporidium resistant cell lines. Rana Eltahan presented her project on selecting drug target based on Cyptosporidium glycolysis. After the oral presentations were completed, our group attended the poster section. There were many interesting parasite research projects being presented in this section. One poster “Parasites as an Ecological Barometer” intrigued us. Alison and Samuel, who did the research, explained to us how the diversity of parasites indicates the healthiness of an ecological system.

At the business meeting, Rana’s presentation was awarded the Mark Dresden Award ($150 cash award) for her outstanding presentation. This meeting benefited our lab and lab members by giving us the opportunity to practice our presentation skills and allowing us to learn from other students’ and faculty’s research.





Mary presenting


Rana receive an award


After meetings