Welcome to Dr. Zhu Lab

The research in our lab focuses on the molecular biology and biochemistry of parasitic protists, including Cryptosporidium and coccidia (Eimeria spp.). Major research interests include the parasite metabolism, drug targets and drug development, evolution of apicomplexans, host-pathogen interactions, and functional genomics. Other research areas include the parasites in wild quail and exotic birds.

    Cryptosporidium research has been challenged by a number of technical difficulties. Our laboratory is one of very few laboratories in the world mainly focusing on the study of biology of this genus of parasites. A number of novel biological features that revolutionize our understanding ofCryptosporidium were discovered in our research, such as the lack of plastid, the unique Type I fatty acid and polyketide synthases, and the metabolic and evolutionary divergence of Cryptosporidium from other apicomplexans.